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Чӑваш 2016[кодне тӳрлет]

(Sorry if I will speak in English) Hello, just wanted to let you know that Чӑваш 2016 seems to be a sockpuppet of Chuvash2014. They requested at m:SRG to globally block (which should be lock, since global blocking accounts is technically impossible yet) you. I removed their request as trolling. I recommend blocking Чӑваш 2016 and changing the block settings of Chuvash2014 to "account creation blocked, autoblock enabled". Thanks, Pokéfan95 (сӳтсе явни) 11:17, 20 Çу уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)

Hi, Pokéfan95! At first he behaved differently, apparently, wanted to make me astray. He asked for the administrator's status itself. In the Chuvash language he does not talk lately. It was very strange. Thank you for supporting Wikipedia Chuvash section. All the best! Viktor (сӳтсе явни) 22:56, 20 Çу уйăхĕн 2016 (UTC)