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Килĕрех - You are welcome[кодне тӳрлет]

Hi, Rex Momo! Welcome to us. It is very pleasant that you were registered in the Chuvash Wikipedia. Viktor (обсуждение) 15:18, 16 пуш уйăхĕн 2012 (UTC)

Чăваш патшалăх оперăпа балет театăрĕ[кодне тӳрлет]

Good day, Rex Momo! Thank you for the article translated into Italian on the theater. I would like to translate into French article about the Opera and Ballet Theater. Grazie! Viktor (обсуждение) 10:29, 25 чӳк уйăхĕн 2012 (UTC)

Grazie, caro amico, per il vostro sostegno. Sempre lieto di aiutarvi. Viktor (обсуждение) 16:14, 27 чӳк уйăхĕн 2012 (UTC)
Good evening, Rex Momo! Thanks for the article in the Portuguese Wikipedia. Today in Moscow, a lot of snow. Clean air, nice weather. What kind of weather you have in Italy? All the best to you! Viktor (обсуждение) 18:39, 28 чӳк уйăхĕн 2012 (UTC)

Варнавиты[кодне тӳрлет]

Hi, Rex Momo! I wrote a little article. I do not quite possess the essence, so was careful to be amended. I wish you success. All the best. Viktor (обсуждение) 20:01, 6 раштав уйăхĕн 2012 (UTC)